Forest City is located in the heart of ASEAN, which now has a total economy of US$2.5 trillion, the seventh largest in the world, and a growing population of over 600 million people, 60% of whom are under the age of 35. The total population of the ASEAN region has surpassed that of the European Union and North America and has a young and growing workforce second only to that of China and India. The growing middle class in ASEAN offers huge potential for consumer growth, with spending power expected to increase from US$1.5 trillion in 2015 to US$2 trillion in 2020. The growing population and consumer demand will fuel significant infrastructure demand and create new markets and opportunities for businesses.


Golf Eco Resort 8 sq km
A vertical green ecological city
World-renowned architectural firm SASAKI
Vertical green walls, sky gardens and rooftop gardens

By the end of 2022, 2.86 million square metres of greenery will have been completed, making the project a true “forest”.

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Forest City's Excellent Educational Environment

Located near the Iskandar Education City, Forest City’s prime location provides a unique opportunity for the development of education in the region. At present, Iskandar Education City has attracted many renowned educational institutions such as the University of Newcastle, the University of Reading, the University of Southampton and the Singapore Management Institute to set up campuses. In addition, Forest City is also home to a number of excellent international schools that provide quality education for students from kindergarten to high school. These international schools include prestigious institutions such as Shattuck St Mary’s School Forest City(USA), Marlborough College (UK) and Raffles College (USA).

With Shattuck St Mary’s School Forest City as the core package and the integration of educational resources from the surrounding university town, Forest City has created an all-age international education chain from kindergarten to high school, as well as an all-age education chain that integrates interest development, providing students with more diversified learning and development opportunities.


Forest City is located in the heart of ASEAN.

Forest City is using ‘smart city’ technology to build a network of information resources for the city of the future, where all urban elements will become one.

Forest City aims to create a healthy and vibrant city for the world’s residents, using the world’s most advanced urban planning concepts.